Amarillo C-IV, LP
FCC ID:  1048954


Thank you for your interest in the Amarillo C-IV Tower. The C-IV Tower is strategically located near downtown Amarillo. At a height of 265 feet, the C-IV Tower affords great LOS for companies needing an elevated platform from which to collocate their communications equipment. In addition, the C-IV Tower's rigid, four legged design and height allows for optimal vertical and horizontal discrimination as well as stability for point to point microwave systems. Built originally as part of the AT&T Long Lines network, the C-IV Tower and building are hardened against the severest of weather conditions as well as also having been hardened against a 20 megaton, near ground zero, atomic blast. Here are just a few benefits of the C-IV tower:

  • Proximity to downtown and surrounding Amarillo.
  • Location is offset just enough from downtown area for clear, unencumbered transmission outside of Amarillo as well as into the downtown and surrounding areas. Click on the panoramic views link below to see a 360 degree view from the top of the tower.
  • 18,000 sq. foot, two-story, concrete building immediately adjacent to the tower.
  • 1,250 sq. feet of space has been retrofitted for collocation to include super structure with basic cable ladder facilities.
  • Outer walls constructed of 1 foot thick concrete providing a secure environment from the harshest of elements.
  • With 18,000 sq. feet of space, this facility would make an ideal MSC/MTSO for any carrier.
  • 15 1/2' ceilings.
  • HVAC within the collocation space in the building.
  • Full grounding halo.
  • Easy access to telco, internet and data services (AT&T & Suddenlink fiber access on site).
  • Courtesy telephone available.
  • Monitored security and access control (proximity card key) system within the building.
  • 3-phase power access.
  • Four leg design and "over engineered" structural bracing prevents torsion making it ideal for microwave, point to point systems.
  • 110/120VAC power access at various points on the tower all the way to the top.
  • Cat walks and decks at various points throughout the tower structure offers easier antenna and waveguide installation and maintenance.
  • Ample space underneath and to the side of the tower structure for collocating equipment cabinets or huts.
  • Completed Tower mapping, structural & intermod studies.
  • Current FCC / FAA structural code compliant.
If you are interested in leasing space on this tower please contact us at the email address or telephone number below.


Physical Address: 505 N.W. 10th Avenue, Amarillo, TX
(corner of East St. & 10th Ave.)
County: Potter
Lat. / Long. [FCC REPORTED]: 35-13-25.0 N / 101-50-23.0 W
Height: 265 ft. (FCC rated at 285')
Structure Type: Self supporting
FCC Registration Number: 1048954
Contact [email]:
Contact [phone]: 806-350-2425


Panoramic views  
Tower Location Map  
Regional Power Company: Xcel Energy
Appraisal District: Potter / Randall County Appraisal District (